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Kazimierz (Stan) Holubowicz

His gun-engine: 90% efficiency, reduces fuel consumption & emissions 80%, burns any fuel, plus water 8:1 fuel.

[Kazimierz Hołubowicz]

Developed about 1500 various inventions

While current engines made us masters of converting useful forms of energy into useless energy, I propose to reverse that.

Current engines waste more than 80% of the energy in fuel, utilizing only a fraction of the available energy, as typical combustion engines are full of inherit causes of inefficiency. The major blunder is the current cooling system based on a radiator that disposes heat -- and thus, heats up the environment. The environment stores that heat as a useless form of energy as we have not yet develop a technology that would use it.

I've found one way to utilize that heat, and so propose a high efficiency engine that converts this engine heat into extra work. The conversion quadruples efficiency -- thus fuel consumption and GHG emission are cut by 80%. In addition the NOx emission is eliminated.

In the name of Kyoto accord I'm asking you to pass this information on to a proper person that is interested in improving living conditions in urban environment densely crowded with cars and trucks.

The gun-engine operates unexpectedly well! Amazingly much better than expected. Runs so cool and is immune to variations of the ignition point completely. We run it without any cooling at all. The director of automotive department of the University cannot stop complementing me. To find out why it is cool I suggested to test temperature gradient by placing 16 temperature probes at strategic points of the gun-engine. At this point I want to tell you the difference between my first prototype (blown about 3 years ago) and this one. My first prototype had cylinder prolonged only 1" and this one is prolonged 2" so the bullet travels about 3 times longer distance in this and that expands exhaust better. My conclusion is (might be too hectic, but probably correct) that the harmonic oscillations of the pressure does produce extra expansions, therefore the total expansion consists of major expansion (like in diesel) plus summation of all extra expansions and that converts all the energy released from fuel into work. The gun-engine consumes so little fuel that it is difficult to measure precisely.

I think that all the thermodynamics of today's engines is a big B.S. developed by those who wasted $Billions in grants, to cover the lack of performance.

Stan Holubowicz
British Columbia, Canada
(604) 525-7917
email: gun-engine(`at')shaw.ca

Source: Rex Research portal

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