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Inventor's appearance on 33. „Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference 2011” in Copenhagen generated real interest — almost one-and-half hundred representatives of companies all over the world were requesting for more detailed informations (including one of the world's largest producer of i.a. engines and heavy trucks). We're allowed to make assumption, that the moment of mass production of gun-engine is getting closer, but negotiations are underway, and nothing has been signed yet.

In Prague, end of Juni 2011, Inventor presented his works — this time from theoretical side rather, exposing his conclusions about the need to change the orientation of research on the engines as thermodynamic systems, by replacing thermodynamic Diesel-cycle with the quite new cycle.

What is „Gun-Engine”? It's environmentally friendly and transmission-free engine based on the same mechanics as how a bullet is shot from a gun. The engine can run on any liquid or gaseous fuel, including acetylene. Initial test results showed 92% efficiency. As a consequention, it has much longer mileage: around 450 MPG.
The fuel is vaporized before going into the combustion chamber. Vaporized fuel combusts much more rapidly. The piston moves against an air chamber, which then pushes it back into position in a spring-like action once the combustion is complete. This prevents mechanical stress on the components. Water is injected 8 parts per one part fuel, along with the fuel. As the fuel combusts, the heat turns the water to steam, augmenting the expansion in the chamber. This also absorbs the heat so that the run temperature is much lower. The exhaust is only 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
„The gun-engine does not require any exhaust treatment, thus it does not have catalytic converter. The formation of NOx is blocked by the superior design that does not synthesize pollutants. The efficiency is high (above 95%) because the gun-engine is cooled internally and the cooling preserves heat that is than converted into additional work. The design of the gun-engine eliminated all causes of inefficiency in current engines inherited from the first prototypes of Otto and Diesel inventions. The myth that engines must be inefficient is exposed!” -- Stan (August 15, 2008)

Why the name „Gun-Engine”?

Of course, almost all of the above (with exception of additional piston) you can find in Otto engine as well. There is still a significant difference: Gun-Engine uses detonation for energy release — while Otto (and Diesel) engine uses combustion, which is much slower process.

When a gun barrel prolongs cylinder of traditional engine the combination is a new engine that is the gun-engine, with one exception that the gun is replaced with a gun-device that uses fuel instead of powder, but the operation is similar in both.

When squeezing trigger powder explodes and bullet accelerates towards piston, which compresses air in the space of barrel and cylinder. As bullets flies towards the piston it compresses air, thus pressure over piston rises until it is as high as that of resulting powder detonation. Thus bullet stops rebounding and the process reverses.

Proper selection of the mass of bullet and powder causes that the max pressure occurs when crank is horizontal, which boosts torque up to 100 times. and also makes torque independent from speed, which allows elimination of transmission in cars.

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